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Current Issues with Customer Service: A Consumer Perspective

We know the quality of customer service makes a critical impression on how you perceive the brands you use daily, weekly or annually. After all, nearly 90% of consumers view customer experience as a competitive differentiator. Yet as businesses adapt their strategies and technologies in an attempt to provide the best customer service experience possible, the following key issues still exist:

  • Over 60% of consumers rely on making multiple contacts to resolve their most recent customer service need

  • Over half of consumers reported resolution of their customer service needs took more than an hour

  • Nearly a third of consumers expressed difficulty contacting a business in the first place when trying to handle their last customer service need

At TimeSave, we understand the value of contacting customer service in a frictionless way. That is why our mobile app ensures you can contact any brand of your choosing knowing you can expect little or no hold times, access to the correct customer representative and a personalized customer service journey.


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