Our Mission

In today’s society, we are continually exposed to rapid advancements in technology and transformations in the digital space. However, despite these changes, contacting customer service continues to remain inefficient and impersonal. Unnecessarily long hold times, substandard consumer interactions, and an inability to understand customer needs has resulted in companies losing billions of dollars every year by having poor customer satisfaction. More importantly, seconds, minutes, and hours of people’s time are inexcusably wasted every day around the world. Our team created TimeSave to address the problem of balancing a streamlined and personalized customer service experience for consumers so that companies can address their customers' needs with maximum productivity and efficiency.

For consumers, our goal is to create a new channel for contacting customer service. This new platform will make getting help extremely easy with just the touch of several buttons. 

For businesses, our enterprise software that helps them better understand, connect & solve their customer needs. Through this, our goal is to transform the relationship brands have with their customers, and the loyalty customers have with their brands.  


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