Friends in Nature



Anurag Gautam  (CEO)

 A NYU Stern graduate in Finance and Data Science, Anurag has experience working with multiple high growth startups and has won multiple leadership and entrepreneurship awards. Beyond that, he has lived in more than 4 cities and has visited more than 21 countries. Outside of TimeSave, Anurag enjoys playing sports and acting.

Ash Cleary (COO)

A NYU Stern graduate in Econometrics and Finance, Ash is a recipient of NYU’s Dean List and Leadership Honors awards. Before co-founding TimeSave, Ash worked closely with C Suite officers at fast-growing startups in marketing and operation roles. Outside of TimeSave, Ash is a private financial advisor, and loves playing Australian football.



Duncan Seay 

Duncan is the current founder & CEO of Luminy Bioscience, and is a proven CEO & CFO with a successful track record of founding, running and growing venture capital-backed consumer goods and consumer tech ventures.  Duncan is passionate about assembling high-performance teams, building brands, leading innovation, and driving operational excellence. He is also a former venture partner at SC Ventures, a consumer products investment firm with a strong operational focus.



In today’s society, we are continually exposed to rapid advancements in technology and transformations in the digital space. However, despite these changes, contacting customer service continues to remain inefficient and impersonal. Unnecessarily long hold times, substandard consumer interactions, and an inability to understand customer needs has resulted in companies losing billions of dollars every year. More importantly, seconds, minutes, and hours of people’s time are inexcusably wasted every day around the world. Our mission at TimeSave is to enable a streamlined customer support journey with the least amount of friction possible to benefit both parties.

For consumers, our goal is to create a new channel for contacting customer service. This new platform will make getting help extremely easy with just a few clicks.

For businesses, our service will help them better understand, connect & solve their customer needs. Through this, our goal is to transform the relationship brands have with their customers, and the loyalty customers have with their brands.